These Lingerie Brands Are Killing It on Instagram

If you grew up in the ’90s, chances are very high that your first experience shopping lingerie was through a paper catalog. The models all kind of fit a similar set of criteria, and the definition of sexy always seemed obvious: Less was more, and pushed up was the goal. Safe to say that’s not the way we shop for lingerie in 2018.

Not only do some of the coolest underwear brands today work with models who represent diverse backgrounds, body types, and ages, but sexy is not the only priority. In fact, it’s the brands making us feel comfortable, confident, daring, unique, and seen that ultimately get our attention. And the best place for scoping them out is on social media.

Ahead, take a look at a few of the underwear lines that are killing it on Instagram—not solely through their own channels but through the communities they foster. Be it models that don’t fit any one mold, product offerings that are size-inclusive, or striking imagery that celebrates lingerie styles that delight us—before, or if, they delight anyone else—these are the accounts we love and, ultimately, the ones we shop, too.