You're About to Have a Love-Hate Relationship With This Controversial Jean Look

When it comes to denim, there aren't a lot of "rules," per se. Considered one of the greatest wardrobe staples of all time, jeans of varying styles are added to our day-to-day wardrobe without a second thought, but it wasn't until seeing Lily-Rose Depp wearing this one particular item with her jeans that we started to think about the few denim faux pas that do exist.

At the Paris premiere of L'homme fidele (A Faithful Man), Lily-Rose Depp wore jeans on the red carpet—but no, that wasn't the controversial part. Underneath her jeans, she wore translucent black tights with sandals. If we're really getting granular here, we could say tights with open-toe shoes is the polarizing part, but we've come a long way over the years, so we'll skip that one. Instead, we're eyeing the tights-under-jeans styling trick. Although considered out of the ordinary for a jean outfit, layered hosiery adds a forward third-piece sort of element to an outfit and, as proven by Depp's look, makes jeans somehow red carpet–ready.

Ahead, check out Lily-Rose Depp's controversial jean outfit and shop everything you'll need to re-create the look.

Lily-Rose Depp in tights under jeans


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