The Refreshing Denim Trend We're Loving for Winter

With the change in seasons (and drop in temperatures) comes a change in what we wear, whether it’s piling on the layers or switching out our wardrobes from vibrant colors to a palette of neutrals. Oftentimes, while we’re putting our cutoff shorts into storage until the warm weather returns, our light-wash jeans go with them. This season, however, we’re taking a different approach with our wardrobes. Right up there with bright neon colors and soft pastels, light-wash jeans for the winter have become a major trend. While it may be a bit of a surprise, we have to say it’s quite refreshing.

As tempting as it is to reach for your standard black skinnies or a pair of cool dark-wash jeans for a winter day (we know it is for us), a pair of light-wash jeans will break up your winter ensembles in the best way possible. To show you what we mean, we’ve rounded up looks from our favorite It girls who just might convince you to wear this style every day of the season. Check them all out below.

Trust us—these will be your go-to jeans every day this winter.