The Denim Trend That Always Comes Back Around

When it comes to denim trends, it's rare when we see one that is truly brand-new. Instead, we see styles being rotated throughout the years, giving you a larger incentive to hoard every pair of jeans you get your hands on (sorry, minimalists). Today, we're focusing on light-wash denim because the trend is too prevalent these days to ignore. 

Light wash denim is cool and all, but planning outfits around the style can be tricky. Are there certain colors you should wear with the wash? Are they not formal enough for a casual Friday office look? And the questioning goes on. Ahead, we've gathered a handful of our favorite light-wash denim outfits, accompanied by our favorite light-wash denim available for you to shop now. Ask us to say light was denim one more time…

Now that you have your new favorite denim trend at the ready, find out how to add maximum style to a T-shirt and jeans this spring.