One of These Affordable T-Shirts Sells Every Second

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Today in refreshing news: There's a wildly popular logo T-shirt on the scene that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars and isn't sold out everywhere. Business of Fashion just reported that Levi's estimates it sells a T-shirt a second, which is impressive no matter how popular a brand is. Levi's growth has been vast over the past several years, with a 14% revenue increase of $5.6 billion from 2017 to 2018, and the company went public at the New York Stock Exchange earlier this year. All things considered, Levi's is on a roll, and shoppers want to wear its signature batwing logo.

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Business of Fashion reports that "In the last three fiscal years, sales doubled for tops, from denim jackets to graphic T-shirts, surpassing $1 billion for the first time in 2018." Levi's Chief Marketing Officer Jen Sey told them, "The brand has had quite a resurgence in the last five, six years. Tops and tees in particular have been a huge driver of that." She added, "The important thing to remember is, it's not really just a T-shirt. You wouldn't wear a T-shirt with a big logo emblazoned across your chest if you didn't really believe in the brand."

BoF credits the resurgence of Levi's logo tees (which first hit the scene in 1967) to '90s nostalgia and logomania, with Scandanavian fashion bloggers being the first to make the T-shirts a thing again in 2013. The rest is history. Read more about the meteoric rise in popularity of Levi's and its logo tees on Business of Fashion, and shop our favorite Levi's logo T-shirts below.

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