15 Reasons Everyone Needs a Leotard



Leotards might be the everyday uniform of the ballet greats, but we’re officially laying claim to the wardrobe essential as well. Sure, they look great with a tutu and pointe shoes, but they’re just as perfect slipped under a pair of jeans or as a no-tuck solution with that fussy skirt. Whether you call it a bodysuit, maillot, one-piece, or have another beloved nickname for the top, let’s be real: It’s a leotard, first and foremost.

Lucky for us, the fashion world has taken to the one-and-done favorite, and the range of styles for the leotard is currently beyond our wildest dreams. Of course, there will always be the simple stretchy tank, tee, or long-sleeved options, but we now have silk camis, cotton button-downs, and even swimwear-as-streetwear (yes, this hack is one of our favorites) to complete our epic collections. A chic top that we don’t have to fuss with every time we raise our arms above our heads? How can you argue with that?

Below find 15 ways to style yours. And once you’re truly addicted to the trend, we’re sharing a selection of our current faves for your shopping pleasure. If there’s one thing you add to your ultimate classic wardrobe this season, make it a leotard. We promise you won’t regret it.

Once you go bodysuit, you won’t be able to go back. We guarantee it.