I Can't Stop Thinking About This Controversial Legging-and-Birkenstock Outfit

I pretty much have the whole "what to wear with leggings" thing down by now, but every once in a while, I see an outfit that throws me for a loop and gives me a fresh perspective. In this case, the wearer of such an outfit is Sienna Miller. She just stepped out in New York wearing a legging style that you probably would think to avoid if you just read about it on paper: leopard print.

It's usually advised to wear less form-fitting silhouettes when dealing with animal prints, but Miller's high-waisted leopard-print leggings are particularly chic, especially when paired with her boxy, cropped sweatshirt and red tote. But it was her choice of footwear that threw me for even more of a loop, and it completely worked. Not only did she wear Birkenstocks, but she wore Birkenstock thong sandals, which resemble a more structured pair of flip-flops.

The outfit didn't have to work, but thanks to Miller's ability to make anything look polished, it undoubtedly did, and I want to wear it. Shop the look below if you care to join me.