I Rewatched Legally Blonde and Picked Out All the 2018 Trends

If Elle Woods was still a law school student today, would she be the walking poster girl for Millennial Pink or would she stick to her signature bright iteration? That's just one question that comes to mind when I watch Legally Blonde today. I don't necessarily go out of my way to revisit the 2001 film, but if I happen to catch it on TV or see the movie poster pop up on Netflix, I can't turn away from the feel-good, powerful, '00s fashion–filled film. And the most recent encore viewing had me thinking: There are lots of 2018 trends in this 17-year-old movie.

With this in mind, I went through the outfits worn by Reese Witherspoon and selected five trends that feel especially au courant. In fact, there are several of ways to bring a bit of Woods into your wardrobe right now—as in, before Legally Blonde 3 rolls around—and we've shopped them out for you below.

Add some of Woods' best pieces into your wardrobe now—they'll be a whole new batch of inspiration when the next sequel rolls around.