We're Seeing Pink Lens Sunglasses Everywhere

It is just us, or are colorful sunglasses having a major moment right now? And no, we don’t simply mean because bright and sunny days of summer are here. Hear us out—we’ve seen all sorts of trends in the past months—from the classic cat eyes to the ultra-skinny frames, it’s clear that this season is all about statement-making eyewear, which means that pink lens sunglasses are well on their way to becoming a summer staple.

While a pair of tinted translucent glasses might not be the most practical pair on the market, we can’t deny ourselves the It factor (because fashion). After all, who wouldn’t want to (literally) see the world through a pair of rose-colored glasses?

Whether you want to dive deep into the tinted lens pool with a pair of nearly red sunglasses or prefer a slight champagne tint, we went ahead and rounded up our favorite pink-lensed sunglasses to not only provide escape from the sun (even if it’s a little), but also to give you the ultimate cool factor this season. See what we mean below.

Count on Garrett Leight to make cool tinted glasses.

So will you be sporting a pair of these this summer?

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