3 Engagement Ring Trends That Are Falling Out of Favor

Engagement Ring Trends 2020


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In case you hadn't noticed from the onslaught of announcements on Instagram, winter is engagement season. Depending on your level of interest (or jealousy), you may or may not be paying close attention to the rings themselves, but a few trends have definitely been popping up. For more intel, I tapped Amish Shah, president of ALTR Created Diamonds, who offered his expert take.

Shah explained that white-gold bands and emerald and square-cut shapes aren't as in-demand right now. "Emerald and square-cut stones saw a serious drop in popularity, as brides-to-be turned towards the softer and more feminine curved shapes of oval, round and the It stone of the moment, pear. The finger-flattering cut channels a retro look that feels simultaneously timeless and utterly modern."

As for color, Shah says that women will be favoring rose- or yellow-gold bands rather than white gold: "The warmer shades allow the jewelry to really take center stage." Now that you're armed with an expert's opinion, scroll down to shop engagement ring trends that are surging in 2020.

What's In: Round and Oval Stones

What's In: Rose Gold Bands

What's In: Pear Cut

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