Lauren Conrad's Best Advice for Turning an Internship Into a Career

Take it from this writer, who turned an editorial internship at Who What Wear into the position she's lucky enough to have today—your performance at an internship can land you a job. So, as fashion lovers ourselves, we truly believe it to be our duty at this office to pass along all the best career advice when it comes to working in this industry—from internship to dream job—whenever we can.

The latest internship advice comes from Lauren Conrad, who is pretty much at the top of our list when it comes to inspiring career women. From her (multiple) best-selling books to her seriously successful website, we can guarantee she knows what she's talking about. Here's what she had to say in one of her latest installments of Ask Lauren on how to be a star intern: "Think of your internship like an extended job interview."

She's totally right: Every day at work is a new chance to impress those around you so they'll keep you in mind down the road when it comes to hiring for full-time positions. If it worked for me, it can work for you, too.

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Opening image: Lauren Conrad

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