5 Jewelry Trends That Are on Their Way Out

Many of us fall into one of two camps when it comes to jewelry: You wear the same few pieces 95% of the time because they’re sentimental, of the utmost quality, and pretty much compliment everything you wear. Or you’re all about riding the wave of the latest jewelry trends that fall in and out of popularity every few seasons. The below is likely more for the latter group, but we happen to think there's something for everyone—sentimentals and trend-followers, alike—beginning with five styles that have slowly fallen out of the spotlight.

Think about the prevalence of bib necklaces á la 2013 or the obsession with all things '90s punk including thick ribbon chokers just a few seasons ago. These are just a couple styles we've noticed have become more scarce recently. If you're in the mood to freshen up your accessories collection, we suggest starting with the five of-the-moment pieces below that are quickly becoming 2018's must-try silhouettes.

Here's where to start and what to avoid (at least for the time being).