If Lana Del Rey's Greatest Hits Had Matching Perfumes, These 14 Would Be It

Whether you're a die-hard fan of Lana Del Rey's indie-pop music or just an admirer of her fashion evolution, there's something to be said about her impact on pop culture. While she isn't always at the top of the charts or front and center in the public eye, she's continued to surprise us with her talents, releasing Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass, a collection of original poems and photographs later accompanied by a spoken word album of the same name.

We're diving into the Lana Del Rey universe through fragrance, exploring the intersection between music and the imagery and emotions evoked through unique olfactory experiences. Over the years, we've met many different versions of Lana Del Rey, from her exploration of '50s Americana to embracing unbothered 'that girl' vibes. If you're wondering which of the songstress's greatest hits we've found fragrance matches for, you'll want to keep reading.


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Album: Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd

Song: A&W

Key notes: Orange bergamot, Italian lemon, Moroccan tea, Kashmir wood, wild figs

If I had to describe this fragrance in two words, I'd use the same two words I use to describe the song "A&W": mysterious and sensual. With its vibrant blend of bergamot and exotic spices, this Nest New York perfume is practically oozing with magnetic intrigue.

Customer review: "Super unique scent. When you first spray it, it is tart and fruity. Then you get this hint of aquatic greenery. Finally, you get a spicy, rainy, juicy dry down. Good projection without being overpowering."


Song: Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd

Key notes: Jasmine absolute, cotton flower, white musk

Lana Del Rey never fails to weave an ethereal spell with her unique voice and music style. "Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd" continues that tradition as a sweeping orchestral piece. Musc Invisible evokes the same feeling with delicate notes of cotton and jasmine rivaled by dark musk.

Customer review: "This is such a beautiful, light, everyday scent. It's super creamy, and the cotton pulls you in. You stay drawn in because of the floral and creamy musk. Definitely recommend. Unisex."

Album: Chemtrails Over the Country Club

Song: Chemtrails Over the Country Club

Key notes: Green pear, peony, musk

"Chemtrails Over the Country Club" is a song that's ripe with nostalgic imagery: white picket fences, tennis rackets, lazy summer evenings, and classic Americana. In its music video, the songstress presents herself as a trophy wife who falls under a spell on the night of a full moon. Like her double life, Burberry's Her Eau de Toilette possesses classically feminine notes balanced by unexpected musk.

Customer review: "Burberry Her Eau de Toilette has a lovely floral scent that is also fresh and slightly sweet. Notes of peony, rose, and honeysuckle are prominent, and the sweetness comes through after it dries down."

Song: White Dress

Key notes: Fresh musk, copaiba oil, salted praline

"White Dress" is another song with lyrics that reflect on the youthful memories of a previous summer. While it's not immediately clear if Lana Del Rey is referencing her own life or that of a made-up character, this song feels heartbreakingly nostalgic. Clean Reserve's Skin is fresh, clean, and raw—not unlike the song.

Customer review: "I love the way this smells for everyday [wear], especially with warmer weather around the corner. This smells delicious on the skin, and it sticks around for a while too. I love it and would definitely purchase it again."


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Album: Norman F***ing Rockwell!

Song: Doin' Time

Key notes: Honey, velvet orchid accord, vanilla

Lana Del Rey's cover of Sublime's 1997 hit "Doin' Time" screams It-girl energy. It has an undeniable SoCal vibe and a certain edge, making it one of the most memorable tracks on the album. Tom Ford's Velvet Orchid is just as sensual and cool with its notes of smooth honey, powdery violet orchid accord, and vanilla.

Customer Review: "Well worth the money. Dark yet feminine. Floral but not sickly [or] 'headache-y,' and it lasts a long time. Literally smells expensive, mysterious, sexy, classy. Try it and see how it reacts with your body chemistry!"

Song: Happiness Is a Butterfly

Key notes: Red fruits, peonies, jasmine, damascena rose

There's something sad, sweet, and innocent about this one. While many of Lana Del Rey's songs perfectly capture the feelings of love, loss, and regret, this song is riddled with acceptance. Hanae Mori's Butterfly fragrance perfectly matches the energy of "Happiness Is a Butterfly" with its bouquet of soft florals and butterfly-inspired perfume bottle.

Customer review: "It is hard to pick anything I dislike about this scent. It is warm and feminine, like a soft hug. The scent is approachable enough for everyday, classy enough for special events, and sultry enough for romantic night."

Album: Lust for Life

Song: Love

Key notes: Orange blossom, vanilla absolute, luscious marshmallow

I don't think "Love" could have expressed the excitement and hope of a passionate youthful love affair and the confusion that comes with coming of age any better. The powdery freshness of Kilian Paris's Love Don't Be Shy is the song's kindred spirit, dripping with notes of bright orange blossom, smooth vanilla, and sweet marshmallow. 

Customer review: "This perfume smells so beautiful. It's a sweet, almost vanilla scent with bites of orange blossom. One spray lasts the entire day. It's really beautiful, feminine, and unique."

Song: Cherry

Key notes: Black cherry, tonka bean, almond

Here's another fragrance selection that's right on the nose. "Cherry" is by far the sexiest song on Lust for Life, alluding to a relationship that's risky and challenging but completely worth it. Tom Ford's Lost Cherry evokes this same energy with a vibrant mix of luscious black cherry, tonka bean, and almond. Delicious.

Customer review: "Lost Cherry is a bold, intense, strong perfume. Notes of cherry liqueur and a touch of bitter almond make it delightful. I was skeptical at first, thinking it would smell like artificial cherries, but this scent is amazing with the different notes."

Album: Honeymoon

Song: Salvatore

Key Notes: Papaya blossom, amaryllis, white water lilies, neroli leaves

Lana Del Rey's song "Salvatore" and Dolce & Gabbana's Dolce perfume are both the epitome of la dolce vita. The Italian-inspired serenade was once described by the singer as possessing an "old-world feel." It details a passionate love affair that unfolds in Southern Italy in the '40s. With sultry notes of papaya blossom, amaryllis, and neroli, one spritz of this perfume will transport you there.

Customer review: "I had a hard time finding a scent that I liked, and once I smelled this one, I fell in love with it! It is awesome, light, and feminine. It works very well with my body chemistry. It's my go-to fragrance!"

Song: High by the Beach

Key notes: Mandarin, sambac, musk

I love "High by the Beach" because of how different it is front Lana Del Rey's previous releases. Describing the desire for a sweet escape from an unworthy ex-lover and career-driven life, she shares exactly how she plans to wind down in it. Byredo's Sundazed completely embodies that same spirit through juicy mandarin, smooth sambac, and warm, familiar musk.

Customer review: "This is hands down my favorite summer scent, and I have a fairly large and ever-growing collection of fragrances. This is citrus, floral, musky, and sweet. It captures summer in a way no other scent has for me."


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Album: Ultraviolence

Song: Brooklyn Baby

Key notes: Coffee accord, lavender, milk mouse accord

TikTok users are more than familiar with the unique aesthetics that circulate the social media platform, including that of "downtown girl." Immediately, this is what I think of when I hear the song "Brooklyn Baby." Maison Margiela's Replica Coffee Break Eau de Toilette smells just like how I imagine a downtown girl would spend her free time: in the comfort of a cozy coffee shop.

Customer review: "I bought this blind and went for the full size, and I am so glad I did! It is unique, rich, and feminine on me despite being a full scent. I can smell it on my wrists when I go to bed at night after wearing it all day."

Song: West Coast

Key notes: Violet accord, cardamom, cedarwood, leather

If I had to guess, I'd wager most of Lana Del Rey's songs mention West Coast imagery, which makes me proud as someone who spent most of their life on the West Coast. Her melancholy song "West Coast" describes the plight of a woman torn between love and ambition. Le Labo's Santal 33 is reminiscent of that, exploring powdery flesh florals paired with unexpected notes of deep cedarwood and leather.

Customer review: "The scent initially opens very strong and almost 'sharp,' with lots of spice, but after a few minutes, it starts to settle into a really beautiful and addictive sandalwood, new leather, slightly soft powdery floral scent. It's very sexy and luxurious."

Album: Born To Die

Song: Summertime Sadness

Key notes: Violet leaf, neroli, freesia, coco musk vanilla

"Summertime Sadness" was everywhere in the summer of 2012. And if you haven't heard the original, there's a good chance you know Cedric Gervais's remix. The vintage-inspired music video begins with Lana Del Rey wearing a white dress in a garden. Queens & Monsters, Henry Rose's fresh and zesty garden-inspired scent is definitely reminiscent of this visual.

Customer review: "I love this perfume! It's a unique woodsy sandalwood, a touch of freshness with a vanilla kiss. I appreciate that the fragrance lasts a decent amount of time for a non-toxic perfume."

Song: Video Games

Key notes: Black violet, raspberry, pomelo, saffron, juniper berries

"Video Games" is the ultimate cool-girl song, as is the perfume that goes with it. Like Lana Del Rey's love ballad, which is commonly credited as the singer's breakthrough single, DedCool's 03 Blonde is expressive, youthful, and delicate. Why not pair the two together when you're looking to add a bit of romance to your day?

Customer review: "This is one of my favorite perfumes! It is a sweet, dry, woodsy, and deep violet fragrance. The saffron and subtle rose notes make it complex and unique. It lasts a few hours, then sits close to the skin."