Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner Share a Bikini, Wear It 10 Years Apart

In honor of Khloé Kardashian’s birthday yesterday, Kim shared some throwback photos of herself and the birthday girl. One of the pictures featured Kim wearing the ultimate status symbol of any girl in the mid-’00s: a Burberry check string bikini. Through some internet sleuthing, we’re approximating the photo to be from 2006, as KKW was also snapped that same summer wearing the shield sunglasses in the picture. A taste for the iconic print seems to run in the family, as Kylie shared a photo of herself back in 2016 wearing the same suit. The fact that Burberry’s still selling the bikini that was popular over a decade ago is a testament to its enduring appeal. And with the return of logomania, we just might be eyeing the suit ourselves.

Also one last thought: Why is there a Band-Aid on Kim’s chest? The world may never know, but while you ponder, scroll down to see the photos that were taken 10 years apart and to shop the bikinis for yourself.