So Many Questions About Kim's Latest Outfit—You Have to See It From Every Angle

Whether you reside in Kamp Kardashian or not, you can't deny that Kim is always good value when it comes to her outfits. Whether it's displaying her VPL, spearheading the questionable cycling shorts trend or simply becoming a walking rose bush for the Met Gala in 2013, she sure knows how to #breaktheinternet with her fashion choices. So it came as no surprise when Kim K stepped out in yet another mind-boggling look on her way into Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Let's just say that this is an ensemble you will feel compelled to see from all angles—our team has dedicated far too much time to that already this morning.

As we gazed in wonderment at this adventurous and somewhat confusing sartorial situation, so many questions sprung to mind. We decided to share a few with you and leave you to ponder the answers…


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1. How does her generous cleavage stay so buoyant and contained in that piece of fabric? What is this witchcraft?!

2. Why does the top feature a long piece of fabric that trails between her legs like a perverse tail?

3. Do the two trailing pieces of fabric connect up to create some sort of kinky bodysuit? Dear god.

4. To which charity did she donate the rest of this once-top?

6. How sweaty are her feet rn?

7. How does she not have a massive wedgie in those leggings?

8. Is that what the strip of jersey is hiding?

9. Has she actually had her hair chopped into a bob? We like it.

10. Do plastic shoes ruin your pedicure?

11. Are pedal pushers going to make a comeback? Our 12-year-old Tammy Girl–loving selves are kinda keen on this idea.

So many questions, and so little time. Scroll down to see the look in full.


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(Image credit: Getty Images)

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