The Pros and Cons of Kim Kardashian West's Cycling Short Obsession

Ever since Kim Kardashian West's now husband Kanye West "curated" her wardrobe in 2012, she's often spotted in a mix of monochrome looks that are definitely edgier than her old-school style (RIP rhinestones). But just because she no longer wears those Herve Leger dresses doesn't mean she's forsaken bodycon altogether. On the contrary, the reality star continues to wear an array of tight-fitting ensembles. In fact, there's one notable item that she's particularly fond of, and it's not one we ever could have predicted: the cycling short. 

While she's been championing this look for a while, yesterday post-VMAs KKW stepped out in a black mesh bra, a bustier, Givenchy sliders, an oversize satin bomber jacket, and a pair of black cycling shorts. Now, there are several questions that arise thanks to this outfit combo: Is Kardashian West a secret velodrome champion? Are they just more comfortable than a skirt? Perhaps, being a mum of two, they're just more practical. Keep scrolling to check out Kim Kardashian West's cycling short style and our pros and cons for this look.


Kim Kardashian West
(Image credit: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock)

On Kim Kardashian West: La Perla bra; Gucci jacket; Mark Wong Nark shorts; Givenchy Leather and Mink Fur Slides (£385).


1. They're practical for running around town. Or, you know, actual running.

2. They tap into the athleisure trend in a serious way. 

3. If made out of very clever fabric, they can—just like high-tech leggings—make you look slim.

4. They look pretty stain resistant, a plus point when you've got two kids. 


1. Will people get confused and think you're about to head off to the velodrome? Awkward bike chat with amateur cyclists might occur.

2. If they're too tight, they will be painful.

3. Will people think you forgot to put on your trousers/skirt/outfit over your Spanx? 

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Elinor Block