Even Khloé Kardashian's "Shocked" These Good American Jeans Sold Out



It’s been a little over a year since Khloé Kardashian and her business partner Emma Grede introduced Good American to the world. And despite the fact that there are many products the Kardashian family attaches their names to, hopefully this one hasn’t been lost in the shuffle for you. After all, the brand has not only been selling out products regularly—polarizing Bermuda shorts, included—but it’s setting a whole new standard for how we shop. Just ask Nordstrom.

In a discussion yesterday with Good American’s co-founders, Grede said she knew their size 00 to 24 line would resonate with shoppers, but she didn’t expect retail’s reaction. “Nordstrom really credited Good American with the change to their entire retail strategy. They’ve gone out to every brand to ask them to do expended sizing,” she said referring to the mass retailer’s announcement earlier this month. “People don’t believe they have the customer,” Grede says about retailers still reluctant to embrace inclusivity, “And I say to them, ‘You do have the customer. She’s just buying her bags and shoes from you.’”

Even Kardashian said on the panel that she’s surprised at the brand’s success and impact in just a year and admitted it didn’t come without its mistakes, specifically with some sizing in season one’s jeans that’s since been resolved. “When you take ownership of your mistakes, people really appreciate that,” she said.

As for year two, Kardashian and Grede are kicking it off with a VFiles pop-up shop collaboration over the next two days in New York, new permanent placement within Bloomingdale's stores, and maybe even future plans to come to fashion week. “I hope so,” was all Kardashian would say. Other than that, “We’re just simmering and letting it happen,” she said about Good American’s impact on inclusivity.

We’ll also argue, the brand’s had an impact on trends, almost as much as on equality. “I’m shocked by how people responded to that silhouette,” Kardashian told us about the Bermuda shorts style introduced earlier this year. “We were nervous about producing that, and it sold out so quickly. It’s not a very popular silhouette, but everyone loves it. It really flatters every girl’s body.”

Below, shop some of Good American's signature denim, and be sure to check out its pop-up with VFiles today and tomorrow in NYC, at 12 Mercer Street.