£18 Jeans and £19 Heels: How Kate Is the Master of Cost-Per-Wear Economics

In her time in the public eye, much has been made of the Duchess of Cambridge's thrifty wardrobe—but really she just shops like most of us do. The test of a winning purchase is that it lasts years, if not decades, and Kate has been wearing many of the building blocks of her wardrobe since before the royal wedding. She is the perfect advertisement for this cost-per-wear shopping model, so we have calculated how much many of her most-worn items actually cost per outing. Keep scrolling to see the items she re-wears the most and some maths that might convince you to buy them too.

1. Smythe Blazer


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The Duchess of Cambridge first wore her navy blue Smythe Blazer to Heathrow Airport in 2011, and she has worn it at least six times. The jacket, which has now been renamed The Duchess, is £498, making it £83 a wear.

2. Penelope Chilvers Boots


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The duchess has been wearing her brown leather Penelope Chilvers tassel boots since 2004, and over a decade later, they still go with her on many royal tours and visits, from Bhutan to Canada. At £475, these are a steep investment, but our cost-per-wear calculations make them less than £59 an outing.

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3. L.K.Bennett Sledge Pumps


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Kate's L.K.Bennett nude pumps are probably her most signature item in her wardrobe, and she has worn the Sledge style over 10 times, making them less than £19 each time she wears them.

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4. J Brand 811 Skinny Jeans


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When it comes to jeans, the duchess tends to wear her J Brand 811 skinnies, which she has worn over 12 times in public—making them £18 a wear.

Now, if you'll excuse us while we do some investment shopping.

Emma Spedding