PSA: We Found 17 Cute Jumpsuits for Petites

Let’s face it: No matter who you are, shopping can be a difficult task to face. But if you’re a woman around or under 5’2”, you have a whole separate set of things to consider as you shop for clothes with a proper fit—especially when you’re looking for jumpsuits. That said, you don’t have to worry; jumpsuits for petites do exist, and they’re pretty cute, too.

Here’s what makes it a bit tricky: With other staples, you have to think about the length of the leg and sleeves, but with this one-and-done piece, you also have to think about the length of the torso, as well. Luckily, there are plenty of brands catering to the petite woman, which means you’ll have pieces that will fit you in all the right ways—no tailoring required.

Below, you’ll find 17 chic jumpsuits for you to incorporate into your wardrobe that won’t have you feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of fabric.

Up next, add these wardrobe basics for petites to your closet for an update.