The Activewear That Makes Working Out at Home Actually Fun


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It would be an understatement to say that staying at home has thrown our normal routines for a loop. Being able to stay indoors is a luxury and a privilege since so many essential workers are out there working so hard to keep things running, but it's also taken some getting used to. One routine that's changed for a lot of people is their workout schedule. With gyms and fitness studios closed and outdoor exercise sometimes a bit tricky to navigate with social-distancing rules, more and more people are turning to working out at home.

I don't know about you, but during the first few weeks of staying at home, I was feeling pretty blah about working out at home. I get a lot of motivation from the energy at the gym or a fitness class, so it was hard to actually get myself to exercise. A few things have helped: I found some workouts I enjoy, I bought some new gear to act as a makeshift "gym," and I started wearing my coolest activewear. I also bought some new sets with the idea that they'd be good to wear while working from home, too. 


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While the first two really helped me get motivated, I would say that wearing activewear that I felt good in (and thought I looked good in) really has been making my workouts so much more fun. If I can't really get glam to go to a restaurant or bar with friends right now, I'm using my workouts as an opportunity to "dress up," so to speak. And while it's not exactly putting on heels and makeup, it's fun to wear a bright color or prints.

One of my newest sets that I'm obsessed with is my blue one from JoyLab (the line Who What Wear co-designed with Target). The color is really flattering and fun, and I'm not kidding when I tell you the ribbed material is the most comfortable piece of activewear I’ve ever owned.

I wanted to see if others felt the same way I do about activewear adding a fun element to their workouts, so I asked some of our favorite influencers about how they've been working out at home, what they've been wearing, and how they've been dealing with staying at home overall. Take a look at what they had to say below.

Andreea Cristina


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"My favorite workout routine during quarantine has been a little cardio and 100 squats plus 100 sit-ups. I feel like I can get those done quickly in the morning, and I can start my day with more energy and a positive attitude. For my cardio, I love to run, but when in quarantine, I find jumping jacks or burpees or just running up seven to 10 flights of stairs does the trick!"

Vi Luong


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"Loving this Joylab set for my at-home leg workouts! The waist fits super high and doesn't ride down when I squat. Also, the set is so dreamy."

Maria Gonzalez


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"I've been doing virtual mat Pilates classes with my friend Jodeniss, who is an instructor based in Brooklyn. The JoyLab leggings and top are so comfortable I wish I could just wear them all day! The two pockets on the leggings are very practical for keeping important things close by. I love that I'm able to get in a good workout and stay connected with my friends during this time."

Kathryn Zahorak


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"Outside of quarantine, I work as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, so moving my body every day is a priority in my routine. I swear by JoyLab's workout sets. This ribbed legging-and-bra set has been a staple for my workouts (but also, let's be real, my lounging too). There's something about a matching workout look that always motivates me. It helps me feel a little chicer, even if I am not leaving home."

Audree Kate


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"I have been a tried-and-true black-workout-clothing person for most of my life, but this JoyLab set changed my life. I feel supported in the set, and the color is so flattering! I have been wearing my set during quarantine to work during the day and go straight into my at-home workout afterward. I love how affordable the pieces are and plan on getting the set in every color!"

Madison Chertow


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"These days have been definitely different than what any of us are used to, but I've really tried to take this time at home to truly prioritize my mental and physical health. Been loving my JoyLab sets for both HIIT classes I find online and my evening stretch and meditations or basically anything I do for myself during this time at home. It keeps me feeling human and cute while getting my body moving as much as possible throughout the day!"

Christa Allen


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"This set is soft yet secure. The high-waisted bottoms cover my waistline and stay in place to prevent me from getting fabric burns."

Julia Friedman


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"I'm trying to stick to a routine by working out every day, which is really helpful for my overall well-being and especially my mental health. My puppy Rex is a sucker for a good yoga mat, and he helps me get moving each day with our daily walks too! I've been focusing on clean skincare and taking a break from makeup as much as I can. You'll find me in super-comfy loungewear or my workout clothes every day during quarantine! I love JoyLab activewear. It's so comfy and literally feels as good as a pair of sweats on my body!"

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