Jogging Outfits That Have Me Considering Actually, Well, Jogging

I'll admit it: I've never "gotten" athleisure. My closet is pretty much split down the line between my everyday clothes (jeans, dresses, T-shirts) and my strictly-for-workouts activewear collection (leggings, bra tops, and sweatproof tanks). But my opinion began wavering when I noticed a ton of celebrities and fashion people stepping out in stylish jogging outfits this spring. (See the below Bella Hadid outfit for proof.)

While the athleisure trend is far from new, I decided to try the joggers for myself. But instead of wearing them with boots or heels to turn the sweatpants into a fashion item, I wondered what could happen if I actually tried, well, jogging in some joggers. In the age of leggings, most women are opting out of wearing actual sweatpants for a run, or really any other type of workout, but I wanted to know: Does it work? My counter-counterintuitive experiment (wearing athletic pants to be athletic, that is) ended up being perfect for one particular instance: the early morning jog. At any other time of day, the same 20-minute run would have felt like a year wearing black joggers considering the Los Angeles heat.

My final verdict was clear: The insanely comfortable and cute sweats earned a permanent spot in my wardrobe, but I think from now on, I'll be running all my errands in the athleisure staple instead of running laps around my neighborhood.


Getty Images

What do you think: Are these joggers functional for a workout or just too "fashion"?