This Jewelry Brand Is Making a Whole New Case for Self-Gifting

Ever thought about finally jumping into a career in the fashion industry (or making a career change in general)? Exciting? Yes. Totally terrifying? Also yes. Especially if said change involves a move across the country to one of the world’s most intimidating (and expensive) cities, and exchanging a steady paycheck from a tech giant for a solo start without a guaranteed income. You might think “crazy,” “brave,” or “no freaking way”—all thoughts we had, too, until we sat down with someone who did exactly that.

Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow is pretty much as fearless as they come, and she’s living proof that pulling the trigger on working for yourself can be seriously rewarding (and the fast-track to learning a whole lot about yourself). We caught up with the writer and entrepreneur to talk about her new life in NYC, how it felt to quit a job other people would kill for, and why, when it comes to her Forevermark jewelry, she’s all about buying pieces that celebrate who she is rather than what she’s done. Prepare your pens and paper: These tips are worth jotting down.