From Link Chains to Heart Pendants: 5 Necklace Trends Taking Over This Year

By now, it's obvious that we live for a trend recap, and today, we're digging into the necklaces gaining momentum at the top of the year. Less than a full month into 2022, a whirlwind of styles has already graced the necks (and feeds) of It girls across the globe. And while jewelry trends don't cycle as rapidly as their clothing counterparts, we've still noticed a few, in particular, falling into favor.  

Among them, pearls have made a strong comeback—this time shedding their stuffy, prim veneer for a cool, abstract twist of amorphous shapes and vivid color. Also due for their shine this season? Statement link chains and one of our personal favorites, nameplate necklaces. There are a few more where that came from, so keep scrolling to check out all the styles we predict will be huge.

Abstract Pearl Necklaces



Pearls have never really faded out, and over the past few years, we've seen several iterations of them. The take that's getting our attention? Abstract pearls in irregular shapes and colors that shed their prim and proper image. 

Heart Pendants

Heart pendants ruled the early aughts, so get ready for another time warp. Heart-embellished necklaces are a trend that's making a steady comeback, popping up among designers such as Laura Lombardi, Alexander McQueen, and Vetements. 




Does this trend ever really die? If my nameplate necklace from 2002 is any indication, that answer is no. If you haven't yet got in on personalized necklaces, now's the time to buy into the trend at the top of the year. From gothic-script nameplates to double-plated versions, there are so many ways to style it for yourself. 

Tennis Necklaces



If you want to look expensive, buy a tennis necklace. Simple and elegant, it's an eternal classic for a reason. But for all its timeless appeal, we've noticed the style bubbling up everywhere among the fashion set. Instead of reserving it strictly for black-tie occasions, style it with your favorite casual pieces like a simple crew-neck sweater or tank top for a new twist.

Chunky-Link Chains



Included in the fashion-person starter pack is the chunky-link necklace. It shows up in virtually every great outfit photo that's on our feeds, and with a piece this versatile, it's not hard to understand why. While a statement alone, it can easily be mixed and layered with your favorite delicate pendants (or nameplate!). The key is to go bold with chunky, large links in simple or elaborate arrangements.