Fashion People Already Know About These 41 Cool Jewelry Brands

Cool Jewelry Brands



If you feel like your outfits are boring, we need to upgrade your jewelry collection. Fashion people know jewelry is the perfect way to add a touch of personality to any look. The right jewelry can take what you're wearing to the next level in seconds. Jewelry brands tend to have a cult following. I can wear a simple gold chain, and people will ask me if it's from Jenny Bird. To me, jewelry is how I say, "I like fashion and have impeccable style," without having to open my mouth. 

It's time for me to share the brands I swear by and see every member of the fashion crowd wearing. From edgy to classic to minimalist, these brands cater to various styles and offer a wide range of pieces. If you're looking for inspiration on how to update your jewelry collection, read on to discover some of the coolest jewelry brands that fashion people are already wearing.

1. Stone and Strand

Stone and Strand is a New York-based jewelry brand specializing in timeless pieces with a modern twist. Creative director Melissa Lum utilizes traditional high-quality materials in fun ways you'd never expect.

2. Jenny Bird

Best jewelry brands Who What Wear



Jenny Bird is a Canadian jewelry brand known for its distinctive and contemporary designs that blend minimalism with boldness. You won't walk into the Who What Wear office without finding an editor wearing something from the brand.

3. Mateo New York



Mateo New York is a fine jewelry brand that combines classic craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic. Its elegant and timeless pieces are perfect for everyday wear. I can't take them off.

4. Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader is well-known by fashion people for its colorful and customizable pieces, featuring a mix of precious and semi-precious stones. Somehow everything in their collection feels classic yet modern.

5. Laura Lombardi

Laura Lombardi offers minimal and versatile pieces characterized by their sculptural and geometric shapes. If it has Megan Thee Stallion's stamp of approval, I'm all over it.

6. Alighieri

Alighieri creates unique pieces that mix ancient and modern aesthetics. Whenever I wear something from this brand, I imagine myself on a whimsical vacation.

7. Wolf Circus



Wolf Circus creates pieces with timeless and minimal designs that have fashion people hooked. Using recycled metals and ethically sourced materials, every piece feels unique.

8. Eéra



Copenhagen people know fashion and have an eye for jewelry. Eéra combines classic and contemporary elements to create delicate and bold pieces.

9. Anita Ko

Anita Ko is a jewelry brand known for luxurious and timeless pieces with a twist. Whether it's the color, shape, or design, you'll always find something fun here.

10. Bea Bongiasca



Based in Milan, Bea Bongiasca creates colorful and playful pieces with a contemporary feel. Using unconventional materials like enamel and resin, the unique textures and shapes have me hooked.

11. Repossi



Repossi is a French jewelry brand that has been creating exquisite pieces since 1920. Known for its avant-garde designs that push the boundaries of traditional jewelry-making techniques, you'll be enthralled while scrolling through their site.

12. Roxanne Assoulin

When I think of fun jewelry, my mind immediately goes to Roxanne Assoulin. She creates playful and colorful pieces with bold shapes and unique textures that make them stand out, including the friendship bracelet of our dreams. 

13. Soru

Soru Jewelry draws inspiration from the founders' Mediterranean heritage, creating luxurious and unique pieces that blend traditional and modern elements. It's the perfect brand to grab something for summer.

14. By Pariah



If you're looking for bold and unconventional pieces—this brand is for you. With a rebellious spirit, expect to find unexpected materials from chains and screws to create edgy designs.

15. Sophie Buhai



Sophie Buhai's jewelry collection can best be described as elevated minimalism, making it a fan favorite amongst fashion editors. It's the sleek and sculptural shapes that really have us hooked.

16. Agmes



Agmes creates instantly recognizable modern and sculptural pieces with a focus on sustainability. Every fashion person in New York wants to own one of their pieces.

17. Foundrae



Foundrae creates meaningful and symbolic pieces that are most certainly worth collecting. Inspired by vintage jewelry and featuring unique motifs and engravings, their pieces can be your next family heirloom.

18. Eriness

If you like fun and pretty things, Eriness is your destination. It creates delicate and unique pieces for everyday wear. Its butterfly necklace has been seen on many celebrities since its launch.

19. Khiry

Khiry creates statement pieces inspired by the founder, Jameel Mohammed's African heritage. Using bold shapes to create striking designs, this brand celebrates Black history, art, and culture. We're here for it.

20. Aureum

Aureum is a jewelry brand that creates timeless and minimalist pieces designed by Cass Dimicco. The name means "golden" in Latin, and I find that pretty cool.

21. Melissa Kaye

I've always known Melissa Kaye for the brand's fearlessness when playing around with color in jewelry, but it does so much more than that. Its modern and versatile pieces include interesting geometric shapes and clean lines, perfect for my daily uniform.

22. Sophie Bille Brahe

Scandi girls are all over this brand. Sophie Billie Brahe is Copenhagen-based and creates elegant and minimalist pieces inspired by Scandinavian design. Expect to see a lot of pearls and other precious stones here. 

23. Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher has been a requirement in any cool girl's jewelry drawer for quite some time now. It offers everything from edgy and statement pieces to the perfect pair of hoops. 

24. M Jewelers



If you like customizable jewelry, then you need to know M Jewelers. Whether you hope to wear a nameplate or a nickname around your neck, this brand can make that happen. It has an array of trendy pieces that would make any fashion lover's head spin.

25. Valere

Valére is an Australian-based brand that is the perfect destination for statement pieces. You'll find unique shapes and textures that will inspire you to romanticize your life.

26. Lauren Rubinski

This French brand offers luxurious and timeless pieces that feature bold chains and links better than any you've seen before. Lauren Rubinski knows how to add an edge to elegance. 

27. Lié Studio



Lié Studio creates sculptural and modern pieces that will earn you compliments. Founded by two uniform dressers, this brand is known for creating pieces that become regular items in capsule wardrobes. 

28. Timeless Pearly

I just learned that Timeless Pearly creates all of their pieces by hand in Pairs, and now I'm absolutely obsessed. Their colorful and playful pieces use vintage beads and unique materials like shells and pearls to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

29. éliou



Eliou is a Miami-based brand that creates eclectic and bohemian pieces that feature colorful beads and unexpected materials like freshwater pearls and shells, inspired by the founder's childhood memories of the ocean. Let's take a deep dive, shall we?

30. Completedworks

Completedworks creates sculptural and minimalist pieces inspired by architecture and sculpture. You'll never find something at this brand that you could buy somewhere else. Every piece feels utterly original and unique. 

31. Brinker & Eliza

Brinker & Eliza is perfect for the person who likes to have fun with their jewelry collection. Expect fun and whimsical pieces featuring quirky motifs and colorful beads that are perfect for adding a pop of personality to any outfit.

32. Cartier



Cartier is a French luxury brand that I have grown up loving. My first luxury jewelry purchase was a Love ring, and I never looked back. Every time is crafted with high-quality materials. You'll find exactly what you're looking for when you shop there.

33. Octavia Elizabeth

Octavia Elizabeth is a brand that finds a way to use fascinating gems in its designs. From black diamonds to tourmalines, if you're into understated luxury, this is for you.

34. Missoma

A good price point makes me such a happy shopper, and Missoma is a great destination to explore if that's what you're into. Their pieces are perfect for layering, mixing, and matching.

35. Tiffany & Co.



Tiffany & Co. is a brand that will go down in history. It have been creating timeless and luxurious pieces since 1837, with classic and timeless designs that I'm all over.

36. Kinn Studio



Kinn uses jewelry as a form of storytelling, matching pieces to their perfect owner. Its use of sustainable and ethically sourced materials like recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds creates pieces that are both beautiful and responsible.

37. Van Cleef

Van Cleef is the definition of luxury. It creates elegant and romantic pieces that feature delicate floral and nature-inspired designs using high-quality materials that will last a lifetime. My TikTok feed is all about their designs.

38. Mejuri



If you collect jewelry, you already know about Mejuri. Its pieces are very high-quality yet manage to be quite the affordable piece point. We're here for it.

39. Hey Harper

Have you heard of waterproof jewelry? Yes, it's a thing. Hey Harper creates pieces you can shower, swim, or sweat in that are just as fun as they are durable. 

40. Bottega Veneta



Bottega Veneta made a splash in the jewelry scene this year with its infamous drop earrings. If you're looking for a designer brand with excellent jewelry, this is the one. Its pieces are unique, yet when you see them, you know they're from Bottega.

41. The Last Line

Fun and colorful pieces never fail to put a smile on my face. Featuring unique designs like rainbow tennis bracelets and personalized letter necklaces, The Last Line is the perfect place to buy a gift for yourself or a loved one.