J.Lo Wore the Pieces to Never Overlook With Leggings and Sneakers

They say that once you spend 10,000 hours practicing something, you'll have achieved expert status. Well, we haven't crunched the numbers, but we're positive that J.Lo has worn leggings and sneakers enough times that she qualifies as an expert on the subject. In the past, we've shared the gym sneakers she wears with amazing Nordstrom reviews and the leggings she designed to make your butt look good, but today, Jennifer Lopez is leading a master class on wearing both of these wardrobe basics—and looking undeniably polished doing so.

In Lopez's book, elevating leggings and sneakers comes down to two pieces in particular: a long camel coat and a structured handbag, items we recently spotted her wearing while on set for her upcoming movie. A camel coat always looks expensive regardless of the actual price tag, something we've pointed out before because Rosie Huntington-Whiteley also wears the piece on repeat. So naturally, Lopez's ankle-length topper transformed her casual loungewear into something altogether more stylish. As for her bag, well, a Birkin never hurts, but super-structured bags, on the whole, are trending hard right now, so it's easy to achieve her polished look no matter your budget.

Below, see how J.Lo wears these sleek pieces with her leggings and sneakers, and then further down, shop her look.

Jennifer Lopez sneaker-and-legging outfit


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On Jennifer Lopez: Hermès Birkin Bag; Alexander McQueen Suede-Trimmed Leather Exaggerated Sole Sneakers ($490)

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