7 Ways to Pull Off It-Girl Jeans When You're Not 22 Anymore

Let's get this out of the way first: In no way should your age influence your style and no one ever said you can't wear a specific item based on how old you are. That would be totally insane, right? But like many trends, there are particular looks that are more of a hit among the younger 20-something set (cue Gigi and Kendall). When it comes to denim specifically, it's the cropped styles in flared silhouettes (usually with some sort of distressing or step-up hem detail) that are most popular right now. While you may have tested these out in your post-30 life, there are unique ways celebrities over the age of 29 are wearing the jeans for a polished, cool vibe.

Go on to check out the inspiring ways women over 30 are wearing cropped, distressed jeans. Plus, shop some of our favorite pairs of the moment that any woman at any age will love.