I'm a Size 16, and These Are the Curvy Jeans I Swear By


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While online shopping is the ultimate luxury, many items are much easier to shop for in person. Denim is high on that list. Sizing can be tricky, especially when you're curvy and looking for the style that flatters you the most. There are so many cuts and styles to choose from, and every body type is different. 

Good American just had its Open Casting, an annual initiative that sets out to find new talent that is diverse and inclusive. We tapped Ketara Milian, one of the winners, who wears a size 16, to help us find the best denim styles for curvy body types. She told us, "Finding good jeans as a plus-size woman can be equivalent to going through an obstacle course." To save you the work, Milian did the digging. Below, she shares her picks for the best denim styles for curvy women.

1. High-Waisted Jeans


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"My personal staple? It complements my hourglass figure, sits perfectly at my waist, and can be found in so many other denim styles." — Ketara Milian


2. High-Rise Straight Jeans


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"My new fave. It gives that 'I mean business, but I'm that girl' look." — Milian


3. Skinny Jeans


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"The denim that makes me look in the mirror twice! Accentuates my curves, [is] tall girl–friendly, and I can wear them to castings or a night out." — Milian


4. Wide-Leg Jeans


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"I feel so stylish in these! They elongate my body and give me an excuse to throw on some heels." — Milian


5. Flare Jeans


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"I love being tall! For me, flare jeans have an unapologetic way of saying just that!" — Milian


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