4 Fall Items to Own If You Live in Jeans and a T-Shirt

The 4 fall items to buy if you live in jeans-and-a-t-shirt



Is there anything more effortless than a jeans-and–T-shirt outfit? This classic combo will always be considered cool, but as someone who literally lives in this look (I'm from L.A., after all), it can start to feel a bit boring. That's why I've armed my wardrobe with essentials that take my look up a notch. In the spring, that's chic sandals, an oversize denim jacket, and a colorful handbag. But fall requires a different array of pieces that will elevate your jeans-and-tee look with minimal effort—while still maximizing comfort. For 2019, there are four key items fashion girls like myself will be using to level up my signature outfit combo. Each one pairs perfectly with denim of all shapes and T-shirts of all colors to make your look feel just that much cooler.


Once considered a "grandpa" trend, a cardigan sweater tied around your shoulders is the ultimate fashion-girl accessory for fall 2019. I can't scroll through Instagram without spotting this chic styling trick at least once, and it just happens to complement jeans and a tee perfectly. It's simple, costs $0, and adds interest to your outfit in seconds.

This color will look so chic thrown over other neutrals. 


Mock croc is one of those materials that always looks luxe—regardless of the price tag. This pop of rich texture against even the most basic of jeans-and–T-shirt outfits instantly elevates the look.

This looks 10 times more expensive than it is. 

The bag that quite literally goes with everything. 


It may sound simple, but slipping on a belt adds instant polish to your outfit. It makes a "boring" jeans-and-tee look feel thoughtful, and a neutral-hued belt goes with every color combination you could think of.

Leave it to Zara to create a belt this chic at this price point.

This pairs perfectly with a white tee.

A pop of leopard never hurt anybody.


We can't talk about fall items without mentioning the hero piece of every fashion girl's wardrobe: An oversize blazer. It looks cool thrown on top of just about anything, but it makes jeans and a T-shirt feel particularly elevated. This is one item that will literally never go out of style.