15 Reasons a Denim Shirt Is Essential Right Now

If we were to choose our favorite wardrobe staple, it would be a close battle between vintage denim jeans, slide sandals, and a denim shirt (among many others, really). However, when the weather gets colder, our slide sandals prove useless, and it's hard to layer comfortably a pair of jeans. Alas, our denim shirts always reign supreme. That being said, we are always looking for jean-shirt outfits for winter that inspire us to keep styling our favorite piece in new and exciting ways.

Whether it's worn under a leopard coat or layered over a trusty turtleneck, the styling possibilities of a denim shirt are endless, and the outfits ahead prove it.


(Image credit: @carodaur)

A head-to-toe denim look with a twist. 


(Image credit: @highlowluxxe)

Leopard print looks best when paired with denim, in this writer's opinion.


(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

Instead of wearing your denim shirt tucked it, let it flow over your maxi skirt. 


(Image credit: @=ada_oguntodu)

So chic!


(Image credit: @beigerenegade)

Worn laid-back, it looks great with a patterned cuff.


(Image credit: @simplytandya)

A denim shirt with a cinched belt at the waist is a game changer.


(Image credit: @kellyaugustineb)

And so is this fringe detailing! 


(Image credit: @emily_luciano)

A nice touch to your sleeveless trench coat. 


(Image credit: @brittanyxavier)

Sometimes your cropped jean jackets make for the best jean shirts.


(Image credit: @jen_wonders)

Don't pack up your short sleeves just yet. It's all about layering.


(Image credit: @thora_valdimars)

Reminder: Jean shirts don't always have to be blue. 


(Image credit: @kiitana)

The perfect garment to layer with your neutral-colored coat.


(Image credit: @fundachristophersen)

When you take off your coat but still want a light layer, your jean shirt is the way to go.


(Image credit: @annejohannsen)

Layer your jean shirt under your overalls for an extra-comfortable look. 


(Image credit: @erika_boldrin)

You can't go wrong with a Canadian tux, no matter the season.

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