5 Fashion Crowd–Approved Basics You Should Prioritize for 2022

Twenty twenty-two has arrived, and although the common talk around the New Year is making changes and experimenting, I'm here to talk about wardrobe staples. Talking about new trends is fun too, but what would trendy pieces be without the staples to hold down the fort? Our Who What Wear collection at Target consists of the perfect combination of both—seasonal trends and staples you'll wear for seasons to come. The focus this time is on the latter because we have plenty in our latest drops that you'll want to take a look at—dresses that have endless styling options, coats that'll keep you warm all season long, and much more. 

Keep scrolling for the five basics you should prioritize for the New Year along with some outfit inspiration featuring the top picks from the latest for Who What Wear x Target. 

Easy Dresses

Dresses with simple and sleek design are easy to style to whatever aesthetic you're going for.

Chunky Sweaters



Snow has started hitting here in NYC, so bring on the chunky sweaters galore.



Contrary to popular belief, statement coats can act as staples, too. No matter what you’re wearing, just layer your favorite piece of outerwear on top, and you've got yourself a look. 

Matching Sets



Matching sets get more popular every year, and I'm more than happy about it. When all you want to do is feel put together without the extra effort, they always make the top choice.

Straight-Leg Trousers

If there's anything I learned in 2021, it's that I need to add more tailored pieces to my wardrobe. They're an easy way to elevate some of my casual items, and as an adult, you never know when you need to pull out a "professional" look.