The J.Crew Items I Know Will Still Be Cool in 10 Years


Collage Vintage

Getting a little tired of trends coming and going at the speed of light? Me too. It seems like every trend I get excited about ends up being "out" before I've even had the chance to really wear it. While I obviously love Zara and would never dare shame it, I will admit that when it comes to the more classic and timeless items, I head to J.Crew.

It should come as no surprise that J.Crew is the best of the best when it comes to tailored separates, basics, and staple accessories. Today, I'm here to remind you that just because something is "classic" doesn't mean it's not cool or relevant. And I can guarantee you that when you say you've had that sleek blazer for years, people will think you're significantly cooler. With that being said, the selection of J.Crew items ahead are ones I am betting money will still be cool 10 years from now. Buy these items, and I can promise you your wardrobe will feel completely revamped for years to come.