I Traveled to Italy for a Week and Wore These Outfits

Last month, I met with Lucy Akin for an afternoon at Zinque in West Hollywood. The owner of cooler-than-cool L.A. boutique Shop Super Street and fashion brand Ciao Lucia, she has an impeccable eye for all things fashion. But, like me, her love of fashion is equaled by her love of travel.

As we sat there sipping Mariage Frères Marco Polo tea, it brought up memories of living abroad, and we started talking about Paris and Italy and spending time overseas. We both have a romantic idea about living in Europe and spent time digging in about exactly why. For Lucy, it started in college when she studied abroad four (yes, four) times—to Cannes, Rome, Paris, and London—but it grew into a bigger passion. It turns out that the name of her label even came from her time studying in Rome when Lucia (Italian for Lucy) became her nickname.

When she began telling me about her upcoming trip to Italy this summer—and that her suitcase was going to be stuffed with pieces from Ciao Lucia—I couldn’t resist the chance to get a look at her insider travel spots and all of the outfits along the way. Ahead, Lucy Akin is sharing her travel diary and all the Italian outfits from her trip to the Rome and the Amalfi coast.