Shop My Instagram—These Are My Top 15 Current Buys

Shop My Instagram is a series dedicated to our associate editor’s favorite fashion buys. Kristen always gets questions about her outfits on her Instagram account, @kristenmarienichols, so she decided to turn her latest picks into a shopping series where she can highlight current must-haves. Come back each month to find out what she’s wearing.

As a fashion editor for Who What Wear, I’m often weighing in on trends, covering fashion shows, and sharing about-to-break designers. But I’m also wearing some of my favorite fashion discoveries IRL, so I wanted to dedicate a place to share all of the pieces I’m loving at the moment. My style veers on the classic end of the spectrum, but I also like to mix in some trend-forward pieces that fit in with my personal style—so that’s what you’ll find here.

The first installment of this new series is stocked with many of my summer staples in the form of cool sandals with a modern twist, swimsuits I’m wearing for a weekend dip, and the bag I just ordered and have been wearing nonstop. But there’s so much more. Ahead, find everything you might have already spotted me wearing on Instagram with links to buy them for yourself. Happy shopping, everyone.