7 Spring Staples That Make Every Outfit Look So Elevated


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Looking elevated—that's the goal. I'm guessing no one wakes up in the morning and proclaims that they want to look bad, after all. And while I believe that you can achieve an expensive-looking aesthetic on a budget, some premium pieces are worth investing in. Items that are made to a higher standard and with quality fabrics will generally have a longer lifespan in your wardrobe. Choose wisely, and you could own these garments for the rest of your life.

Identifying these items is key. The last thing I want you to do is frivolously spend without consideration. So with spring now imminent, I've spotlighted the pieces I think are worth spending a little extra on. I've whittled down an edit of core staples—including trenches, blazers, shoes, and jeans—to carry you through the season ahead (and every season after, for that matter) in the hopes that they inspire you to spend your money wisely.

Scroll on to see seven spring fashion trends that I believe are worth the investment. I have a feeling these are pieces you're going to love and wear for a very long time.



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Style Notes: Leather blazers have been trending for a few seasons now, but never before have there been so many excellent options to choose from. Black feels intrinsically '90s, while shades of camel and brown tap into the 2022 color palette of elevated neutrals. While you can handpick vegan- and faux-leather styles that are ultimately more affordable, nothing will stand the test of time quite like the real thing. 

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Style Notes: Perhaps it's because I don't own a lot of jeans, but I've always been skeptical about designer denim. How different can it be from my pairs from Topshop and Zara? Turns out, a lot. The pairs I've tried hold their shape significantly better than their more frugal counterparts, which means less washing. Not only is this economical and eco-friendly, but it'll also prolong the life of your jeans. 

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Style Notes: It's spring, and we all know what that means: the start of wedding season. And with wedding season comes the need for dresses. While I have some fabulous affordable dresses in my collection, I always seem to gravitate back toward the more premium options hanging in my wardrobe. I know there's still a weird fashion stereotype that you shouldn't wear a dress you've already worn to an event with the same guest list, but we need to change our mindsets to be more sustainable. Wearing a bright, bold dress or one with a breathtaking print feels so special. I don't care if it's the hundredth time someone has seen me in it.

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Style Notes: At the risk of jinxing it, spring generally tends to mark a shift in weather. Days brighten, and although the risk of showers is still omnipresent, the chances of being caught in one are becoming less likely by the day. Cue cute tote bags—the kind made from woven materials or canvas, which feel much more spring-like than their leather counterparts. Big-name brands are serving up more logo-emblazoned totes than ever. Take your pick. 

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Style Notes: Loafers have always been beloved by fashion people, but over the past couple of years, the demand for them—particularly designer iterations—has skyrocketed. Prada's pair is currently the order of the day, but if you're after a more inconspicuous pair, look to The Row and even Mango. 

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Style Notes: Trench coats are already a staple in many a Brit's wardrobe, but in 2022, I'm seeing more and more versions with unexpected dryads coming through. From Totême's style with double-breasted buttons (as seen on Hannah above) to Jigsaw's iteration spliced with faux leather, trenches with a twist are all the rage. 

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Style Notes: No investment feels quite as luxurious as cashmere. Although some might consider it to be a winter staple, I feel cashmere knits and cardigans come into their own during spring. Usually lighter than other wools, cashmere knits tuck seamlessly into jeans and skirts and will help you stylishly navigate any tricky weather spells until summer. 

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