The 6 Most Timeless Shoes to Invest In

It's perfectly understandable to want to know how many seasons of wear you'll actually get out of a new shoe purchase. Sure, glitter shoes, for example, may be everywhere right now, but will they feel as fresh two years from now? We prefer a little more assurance than time will tell before spending a chunk of cash on a new pair of shoes. And that's why we consulted one of our go-to experts on all things shopping-related: Net-a-Porter's retail fashion director, Lisa Aiken.

Since Aiken is at the pulse of what's in, out, and here to stay, who better to tell us which shoe styles are the most timeless and investment-worthy? For starters, Aiken spelled out what it is that makes a shoe timeless, telling us, "To me, timeless shoes have a distinctive quality, such as intricate detailing."

Keep reading to find out exactly which shoe styles fit that description and are the most worthy of investing in, according to Aiken (who has our complete sartorial trust), and shop the recommended styles.

What are the most timeless, investment-worthy shoes on the market?

Shoes that fall within a recurring theme—such as kitten heels, loafers, and knee-high boots—are also in style and can be worn for years. A trend we are seeing a lot of lately is vintage-style pumps. These are certainly an investment-worthy style, as we’ve seen such longevity in them.

What are the veteran styles that are selling more rapidly than ever as of late?

Animal-print shoes have always been popular with our shoppers and are a solid investment piece. The classic kitten heel and mid-heel remain a staple on the runway and on the streets as well.

Are there any newer styles that you predict will become timeless and investment-worthy?

We saw the white-shoe trend take off last year—we’re happy to say that it’s here to stay, and I think will continue to be a core piece in everyone’s wardrobe (if they aren’t already!).

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