What 4 Introverted and 3 Extroverted Editors Are Buying for Fall

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You might have noticed that we write a lot of first-person stories here at Who What Wear. We write about how certain personal qualities—including our height, our age, our hair type, and even our zodiac sign—influence what we buy. But there's one personality trait that defines me more than anything else: my introversion. It doesn't just affect my job or my social calendar—it has an impact on my wardrobe.

No, I'm not here to play into clichés that all introverts only wear beige, and all extroverts wear zebra and hot pink. It's a lot more nuanced than that (although for certain people, that can definitely ring true). I tapped six of my fellow editors—a total mix of self-observers and outgoing folks—and got some insightful answers.

For instance, our introverted assistant editor Anna LaPlaca actually chooses attention-grabbing pieces because they can do something she's not comfortable doing herself. "For someone like me, who isn't as comfortable initiating conversation (especially with strangers), I'm all for a fashion item that can break the ice," she says.

Scroll down to see what four introverted and three extroverted editors are buying right now. 

The Extroverts

Michelle Plantan
Introvert vs Extrovert Shopping



"I've wanted these flats for years. I'm confident I would wear the shit out of them. The question is: black or white? (Fun fact: Linda Rodin wore a silver pair to set when we shot her for The Fall Issue in 2017. If I can ever find those, that's the answer.)"

"Super YaYa is a really cool African line I've been watching for a while and am very keen to add to my wardrobe. (Read more about designer Rym Beydoun and the brand's origins here.) I love this hand-dyed corset top, and have at least 10 other pieces of theirs in my 'saved' folder on IG, including this one, which I definitely need in my wedding wardrobe."

Jasmine Fox-Suliaman
Introvert vs Extrovert Shopping



"As someone who identifies as both an extrovert and introvert at times, I find that I like to wear pieces that speak for themselves—specifically shoes. You can never go wrong with knee-high boots, and these snakeskin boots scream for attention in the best way."

"I'm a firm believer in investing in basics as much as statement pieces. And while you'll find me in black most days, I'm not afraid to pull in a bold sweater or coat to spice up the look. If you can't drop a pretty penny for that iconic Saks Potts coat, I'd recommend trying this equally as an eye-catching coat from UK brand House of Sunny—in fact, when I spotted it IRL, I had to strike up a conversation just to know where it came from."

"My rule of thumb is to never go out on the town without a piece that can start a conversation, as it makes it easier to be approached. I guarantee if you have an interesting bag—say like, this Cult Gaia pearl bag—it, and by association, you, will be the talk of the party."

Bobby Schuessler
Introvert vs Extrovert Shopping



"I'm not afraid to be bold and a bit extra in life. While my day-to-day uniform tends to be neutral and subdued, I like to spice it up with in-your-face accessories like this eye-catching animal-print scarf."

"Fun fact: I'm addicted to logo bags. The bigger and flashier, the better. I'm all about this brand-new Givenchy shopper silhouette. It could legit fit your entire life inside."

The Introverts

Allyson Payer
Introvert vs Extrovert Shopping



"On those days when I'm not feeling very social, sunglasses are my friend. I like that I can hide behind them a bit, and it doesn't hurt that this new Oliver Peoples style is very cool. (Timothée Chalamet has been wearing them lately, so there's that.)"

"I don't know what the psychology behind this is, but being wrapped up in something warm and cozy that resembles a teddy bear brings me great joy."

"I guess it's kind of a cliche to say that I'm an introvert and therefore I like neutrals, but I do. That said, I really make a point to step out of my comfort zone and buy things that are colorful, even if my first inclination is to just go with the cream or camel option. I think I like fashion more than I dislike attention."

Erin Fitzpatrick
Introvert vs Extrovert Shopping



"I think my introversion explains a lot about how I dress. I'm all about comfortable, easy pieces that aren't hard to pull off. When I buy something more out-there, I find that it hangs in my closet waiting for that perfect moment that never comes. This cute jacket, on the other hand, will get plenty of wear this fall and winter."

Kat Collings
Introvert vs Extrovert Shopping



"Ever since I installed a purse wall (thank you, acrylic $24 Amazon shelves), it's clear that 99% of my bags are either black or brown. I'm not sure if you can chalk that up to my introverted nature, or I just appreciate the versatility of a neutral bag, but somehow I don't have a single attention-grabbing, bright-colored purse!"

Given her love of neutral bags, it's no surprise Kat loves this brown Mango version. 

"A long cozy coat speaks to my fondness for burrowing inward. The rich camel color is also straight-up gorgeous, no matter your personality type."

Anna LaPlaca
Introvert vs Extrovert Shopping



"I typically reside within my safety net of wearing black, but I just added this chocolate-brown dress to my wardrobe, and I love how it has that same mysterious quality that a black dress would have, but the color feels like a more of an intentional choice."

"I love that these boots are a conversation starter. I notice that people go out of their way to compliment them and inquire about where I found them. For someone like me who isn't as comfortable initiating conversation (especially with strangers), I'm all for a fashion item that can break the ice."

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