A Photographer Told Us the Photogenic Trick to Look Better on Instagram

If you've been wondering how to boost your photography skills when snapping an outfit for Instagram, it all comes down to one important thing: shooting at the best angle. The right angle will instantly make you look slimmer and your legs look longer, but the simple trick might surprise you.

For expert tips, we tapped photographer Nicholas Pakradooni, who works for super blogger and fashion It girl Aimee Song and takes most of the photos for Song of Style—so he really knows what he’s talking about. Plus, he has a cool, well-curated Instagram feed (@cholpak) where he showcases those photography skills.

Here, Nicholas shares the key to taking your best outfit photos: “The best angle for anybody is from below. I know you’re thinking OMG, but what about my 17 chins, but the rule is different for selfies or headshots. Everyone has their own angles that work for them for those, but right now I’m talking about seeing your shoes and your sunnies in the same frame. Shooting from below will elongate your legs and make you look super tall. If you shoot from high up and angle the camera down, you look short and stumpy, which I don’t think anyone wants. I promise this will work for you.”

Make sure to try out his expert tip the next time you're snapping an outfit shot for Instagram!

Scroll down to see some shots he took of Aimee Song and shop seven stylish items that would look good in any photo.

Shoot from a low angle to look taller in photos.

Snapping a photo from below is the most flattering angle and elongates your legs.

Follow Nicholas Pakradooni's photo tips for your next Instagram outfit shot.


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