Instagram Is Rife With Interesting Outfit Combos—Here Are My Favorites

There’s no doubt we love our tried-and-tested outfit formulas—from fail-safe skinny-jean outfits that always work to dependable ensembles built around basics that will never let you down. But now and then we like to shake things up in our wardrobes with bold statement pieces, interesting ways of layering, unexpected color combinations, contradicting textures, and polarizing pieces that are so wrong, they’re right.

There’s no better place to get inspired by a little sartorial whimsy than Instagram. We did a little Insta-digging ourselves and found a plethora of crazy-cool outfits that are encouraging us to throw out the fashion rule book now and then and celebrate the unpredictable. Scroll below for some our favorite interesting outfit combinations and shop the key pieces to pull off the looks.