I'll Admit I Purchased These 10 Things Because of Influencers

As a fashion editor, I scroll through Instagram an endless number of times per day. It's where I look for inspiration and to inform my stories for Who What Wear, but I'd be lying if I said that Instagram's fashion bloggers didn't also have an influence over what I shop for myself. Yes, I'm admitting that sometimes this editor wants to be shown how to wear something too. Since part of my job is to keep an eye out for the next big trends, all it takes for me to be convinced on my purchase is one really good outfit photo from the plethora of stylish people I follow.

Instagram fashion bloggers or influencers, as they're more commonly known, are the first people to test-drive the trends that are just about to break. You'll often spot them styling these under-the-radar trends in enviable ways. So enviable, it happens, that I suddenly want to shop for the item ASAP after seeing their genius styling. Sure, I always have a shopping list of my own for each season. It comprises the pieces I want to add to my wardrobe—this summer, puff-sleeved dresses and white sandals are topping the list. But sometimes all it takes for me to actually hit "order" is a visual example that resonates with me.

Ahead, I'm sharing which outfit posts inspired me enough to make me purchase the exact (or very similar) version of what they're wearing.

I had an inkling a few months back that puff sleeves would be a major summer trend, so I knew Alyssa Coscarelli's white dress would make for the summer item I'd wear on repeat.

I've been on the hunt for a retro swimsuit lately, and this colorful bikini was the answer.

Bianca Valle's feed is definitely one of those few I mentioned that really resonates with my own personal style. I mean, how cozy does she make this oversize sweater look?

I'll admit that this was 100% an impulse buy. I saw Reese wearing these totally impractical but totally fun green sunglasses and couldn't help but want to infuse my summer outfits with as much color.

Okay, so white sneakers aren't exactly a trend. But there's an undone appeal with how Alex styled a relaxed suit with her pair, and it's what convinced me that I've gone far too long without a pair of my own.

I have to admit, it takes a lot for a fashion influencer to make me want to purchase a piece from our Who What Wear collection since I already get to see every collection before it drops. But this achievable sneaker outfit made me realize just how much I needed this fun jumpsuit in my life.

I love the way these white strappy sandals freshen up her printed skirt. I instantly imagined how I could wear them with all my outfits this summer.

A puff-sleeved white top was at the top of my summer wish list, but with so many versions out there, this outfit post is what sold me on a cropped version of the trend.

"Baggy" jeans are a trend that I've seen bubbling up recently, and this cool yet casual outfit pretty much sold me on them.

Look at this photo and tell me you're not inspired to have more fun with your outfits? That's what I thought.

Speaking of things I love right now, I'm kind of freaking out about all these Mango shoes.

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