All the Fall Trends I'm Buying Because of Instagram

You heard it here first—I love testing new trends, and there's nothing that lights a scorching fire underneath me to get moving on the latest and greatest like good old Instagram jealousy. When I say jealousy, I really mean inspiration. What else is your IG feed for other than endless amounts of fashion, food, and aesthetic #goals? So which trends am I loving thanks to Instagram for the season ahead? Honestly, too many to count.

My saved folder on the addicting app (which is basically my second home) is filled with images from my favorite fashion girls sporting the trends I so badly want to try. We're talking the freshest of the fresh when it comes to fall Instagram fashion trends including claw hair clips (major throwback, I know), cowboy boots like you've never seen them before, and the next big sunglass trend. Ready to see the fall Instagram fashion trends I'm jumping into this season?

Hair Clips

Shell clips / @alwaysjudging

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It's officially time I stop making fun of my mom for wearing her claw hair clip out of the house because I just bought five on Amazon. 

Sporty Shearling

Tia in the Jojo shorts ???????? @tiajonsson

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This fall, I'd much rather skip the typical shearling coat and grab one of these sporty iterations of the fuzzy material instead. Leopard bike shorts are optional if you live in New York, but they are mandatory if you live in L.A.

Available in sizes XXS to XL.

Statement Western Boots

I already own "regular" cowboy boots, so this fall, I'm really pushing it to the edge with statement-making Western styles adorned with bold patent hues like the below. 

'80s-Inspired Dresses

My mom told me about this random brand she used to wear in the '80s called Laura Ashley (who is now doing a collaboration with Urban Outfitters—who knew my mom was so cool), and after one search on Etsy, I was sold. Add a few posts from my favorite influencers into the mix, and I now look like I am playing dress-up.

Space Sunnies

???? Let me take you for a ride

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Weird microscopic sunnies are finally done—whew. Time for a normal trend… just kidding. Sunglasses that look like they belong on aliens or really cool cyclists are all the rage, and I am excited to test out yet another weird eyewear fad for myself.


@mimipostigo told me this shirt was ugly. I’m confused.

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Ruching is a trend I used to sift for when shopping for my eighth-grade winter formal dress, and now I am hesitant but excited to wear it in my day-to-day life come fall… or in public restrooms, as pictured above. 

Available in sizes IT 38 to IT 48.

Crystal Shoes

Last but not least are crystal shoes. I plan on wearing them to fancy parties I never get invited to, around the New York subway, which is highly practical, and of course, I plan on posting the shit out of them for everyone who doesn't care on my Instagram.

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