15 Finds We Have Saved to Our Instagram Collections Right Now

Street Style - Chanel Sunglasses


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

Did you catch this post last time? If so, feel free to skip below for a trove of inspiration and shopping. If not, you can still do that, but here’s the rundown… I love utilizing the "save to collections" feature on Instagram to flag anything from funny memes I want to show someone later to interestingly composed photos I may just try for myself to fashion pieces I love and, naturally, want to buy. So much so, in fact, that I decided to start reaching out to my fellow Who What Wear editors every month to find out what they’ve been eyeing too. Needless to say, they deliver every time. From under-the-radar brands worth keeping an eye on to the next designer It items to simply perfect versions of wardrobe essentials and basics, just keep reading to see the fashion items we currently have saved to our Instagram collections, and shop them along the way.

A post shared by Leonie Hanne (@leoniehanne) on

“I think this dress has ruined all other dresses for me.”

A post shared by Magda Butrym (@magdabutrym) on

“I lied—this one is also very much on my mind (and maybe in my dreams).”

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“Cute new brand alert! Florida-based Simonett is making beautiful puffy-sleeved organza creations, most of which are under $200. Sign. Me. Up.”

A post shared by @katcollings on

“Hold up—Kat's belt just made her entire outfit. How often does an accessory wield that much power?” 

A post shared by Linda Tol (@lindatol_) on

“I'm currently stalking Wandler's new snakeskin bags on the daily.”

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“Reese Blutstein recently said this is her favorite brand, so I'm paying attention!” 

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“Worme is a relatively new brand that I'm really excited about. I'm sorry, but have you ever seen a silk sleeveless turtleneck that looks this effortless? It's the definition of timeless style.”

A post shared by Reformation (@reformation) on

"This dress is the perfect way to ease into spring. For now, I'll wear it with fun tights, but once it warms up, I'll rock it with sneakers or strappy sandals."

"Not a cowboy boot, not not a cowboy boot." 

A post shared by Romina Introini (@romilux) on

“I spotted everyone wearing these Miu Miu Mary Jane heels in Paris, and now they're topping my wish list.”

“The whole Rowen Rose collection is incredible—especially these houndstooth pants.”

“I'm really into all things leather at the moment—this Ganni number is at the top of my wish list.”

"Rhode does prints better than almost any other brand, and right now I'm loving this fun blue dress that's the ultimate vacation piece."