7 Fashion Girls With Spot-On Instagram Captions

Does this sound familiar? You take an Insta-worthy photo, sift through your filter options a couple of times, and then… you sit there twiddling your fingers trying to quickly draft the perfect caption. A little too familiar, eh? We’ve all been there. In the hopes of easing your next captioning process, we’re sharing seven ladies who get it right every time. We’re talking spot-on descriptions—no matter the scenario. So, brush off the caption envy and think of this as a quick lesson in the art of Instagram captioning.

Scroll down to meet the pros! 

Alexa Chung



"Bye Coachella. Now I'm dressing like a Hampshire mum (in the eighties). #toomanyflowercrowns."

"Checking I still exist...Matching nails to phone cases @nailsinc.jp."

Tilda Lindstam



“Heavy flow #mycalvins #livestream.” 

“How the world sees it vs the world through my eyes #stayhumble #neverchange @chloe.” 

Alexander Spencer



"Yin and Yang."

Leandra Medine



"The selfie as a metaphor for the relationship."

"Me as a net and its fish and potentially almost fashion roadkill as evidenced by oncoming van #lvpalmspring"

Pandora Sykes




"Currently (not) on my blog because I have decided I like sleeping @reformation #Sardinia."

Aimee Song



“A lot of thought process when into taking this ‘oh just casually sippin’ coffee and sorta reading the New York Times in Florence’ photo…The truth is on my snapchat."

Caroline Vreeland



"Taking flight in @haneyofficial.” 

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Think you have pretty good captioning skills? Leave your Instagram handle in the comment section below, and we may just give it a browse!  

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