Influencers and Celebs of Every Age Are Wearing This Colour on Repeat

Earlier this year, you might recall Instagram going into something of a meltdown all because of a bright pink dress. When Kendall Jenner debuted the frothy tulle creation from H&M's collaboration with Giambattista Valli we saw regrams, comments, likes and wish lists go into overdrive. It was like the fashion world had never seen a fuchsia frock before.

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Since that point, I've noticed this OTT shade (let's call it "shocking pink" in homage to the fact that it first came to the fore via legendary designer Elsa Schiaparelli in the 1930s) cropping up everywhere. She described the colour as "life giving," and it would seem that many decades later its potency and power remains. Everyone is wearing it right now. From the shoe choices of the rich and famous (Victoria Beckham can't put her pink satin pumps down) through to the streets of fashion month (Milan was nothing if not a festival of fuchsia), this colour is trumping many of the season's hottest bets to become a front-runner.


What has been particularly interesting is the vast range of women wearing these bright pink pieces. It has become a particularly popular choice for the over-40 A-list set (Tracee Ellis Ross, Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore and many others have been leaning on it for public appearances recently), but you'll just as easily find a lineup of 20-somethings styling it out on Instagram.


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Regardless of age or personal style, this hue can work for you. So below are some pointers as to how to wear it to its best potential—keep scrolling to see all of the best bright-pink outfit ideas.


Try Pink Tailoring
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Style Notes: If pink feels too whimsical for you, I'd suggest looking to tailoring, like Julianne Moore's suit. The sharper lines offset the pretty colour.


Mix Fuchsia With Autumnal Hues
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Style Notes: With autumnal colours and a mix of textures, your chosen pink pieces can really move into the new season quite easily.


Add Trainers for a Casual Slant
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Style Notes: Cate Blanchett's pretty suit could easily be dressed up for different occasions, but we like her easy take on the idea with those classic white basket sneaks.


Remember, White Shoes Always Go With Pink Outfits
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Style Notes: When wearing lots of pink remember that neutral accessories—like white shoes—can work a treat.


Relax a Fancy Pink Skirt With a Simple Jumper
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Style Notes: Jenny Walton's plain jumper balances out the "extra" coming off her flouncy skirt and ankle-wrap pumps.


Give a Pink Party Dress a Casual Makeover
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Style Notes: The prettiest of party-style dresses can be given a cool-over with flat shoes and mismatched accessories—see Adwoa Aboah for future reference.


Go All Out With High-Shine Fabrics
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Style Notes: Tracee Ellis Ross never shies away from colour, and this kind of pink is all the more saturated when it's in silk-satin.


Make It "London" With Chunky Ankle Boots
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Style Notes: It's definitely the London look right now: chunky ankle boots worn with super-cute dresses.


Layer With Other Bold Colours
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Style Notes: Rihanna took a tropical turn with two shades of orange (via her trousers and sandals) as well as a jolt of red in her lipstick. Look and learn, people.


Try Pairing Pink With All-Black Accessories
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Style Notes: The punk thing to do? Wear bright pink with lots and lots of black.


Don't Be Afraid to Wear a Long Pink Dress in the Day
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Style Notes: Many girls like Bettina Looney are using evening-ready pieces to wear in the day. Add flats for an even more relaxed touch.


Matching Pink Shoes Will Never Fail You
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Style Notes: Catherine Zeta-Jones knows it—exact-match shoes are always a safe move when you're wearing a bold colour.


If You Like Clashing, Opt for Orange
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Style Notes: The Scandi girls have adopted this colour but made it even wilder with their fruity combinations.


Just Add Pink Shoes to a Plain Look
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Style Notes: Victoria Beckham has come to rely on these satin pumps, teaming them with everything from this evening monochrome look to pretty midi dresses.


Add Claret Into the Mix
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Style Notes: We've spotted quite a few girls combining this classic dark autumnal red with a shock of bright pink. It really works.

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