7 Fabulous Street Style Trends We've Seen All Over Milan This Week

There are very clear street style DNAs for the Big Four fashion cities during fashion month. New York is polished, London is eclectic, Paris is chic. But Milan? Without a doubt, the Italian fashion capital is the most fabulous of the four. There's no print, fabric, colour or detail that goes unworn. Clashing prints are mandatory and bold and showstopping colours are ideal. Throw in a few feathers and a smattering of sequins and you've nailed the Milan street style look.

This season is no exception and guests attending the shows have not disappointed with the array of beautiful and fabulous ensembles. The highlights so far have been a bold pink (a trend we also saw in New York) worn in various different outfit styles. Then there's the colourful take on the co-ord that injects fun into suiting.

But even Milan can throw a curveball sometimes, as this season we've spotted more pared-back trends than usual. The most surprising was the head-to-toe neutrals look. Foregoing the usual bright hues, there were plenty of street stylers who opted for this full-white and off-white outfit.

Pockets were an important detail too, which is much more utilitarian than we're used to seeing on the streets of Milan, but that doesn't make them any less pleasing (after all, who doesn't love a pocket?). And if you're worried that the city is about to go full new minimalism, fear not, as there's enough to keep the most die-hard maximalist happy.

Ready to see all the trends up close? Keep scrolling to see all the street style looks from Milan.

1. Pretty in Pink


(Image credit: Style Stalker)

Bring out the pink in your outfit by wearing a white bag. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker)

Another trend in Milan? Not being afraid to show your sass. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Not ready to go for the hot-pink look? Try pastels for a softer take on the trend. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Clashing pink and orange is one of our favourite colour combos. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker)

Don't underestimate the double-pink look. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Offset pink with pastel blue. 

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2. Showstopping Prints


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Highlight your printed dress with accessories that bring out the colours. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Romantic dresses for the win. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Don't save prints for dresses, try it in a suit too. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Keep your accessories to a minimum if you want your print to speak for itself. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Leopard print and green florals clashing are classic Milan. (And we love it.)

3. The Fendi Bag Reigns Supreme


(Image credit: Style Stalker)

The beige suit is made all the most chicer with the addition of this brown Fendi bag. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

A classic blazer is the best way to show off your bag. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Go full monochromatic and match your bag to your outfit.


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

To really make your bag stand out, try clashing colours. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Keep your outfit minimal to show off this bag.

4. The Bold Co-Ord


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Make your co-ord more elegant with the addition of a belt. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Clash an orange suit with purple shoes and blue shirt. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

A black suit is 100% less boring with the addition of green accessories. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Such a dreamy skirt suit. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

A cropped checked jacket with fitted trousers is a much cooler take on the suit. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

This jade suit with brown accessories is one look we're definitely stealing. 

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5. Pockets Are the Best Details


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Just a couple of pockets on a shirt can make all the difference. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

A chic way to do this trend. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Model Winnie Harlow goes full utilitarian with this Prada outfit. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker)



(Image credit: Style Stalker )

A gilet can be cool. Oh, yes, it can. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Trust Pernille to make cargo pockets to look this incredible. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Pockets upon pockets looks better than we could ever imagine. 

6. Head-to-Toe Neutrals


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Olivia Palermo never fails to look polished. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Not only does this outfit look comfortable but it's also super elegant. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Nail this trend with sophisticated tailoring. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

This white-shirt–and-trousers combo works even better with the addition of the Bottega clutch in brown. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Ensure your accessories are also white. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Don't be afraid to pair off-white colours with white. 

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7. Coloured Sunglasses


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Rose-coloured glasses look even better when matching your outfit. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

White-rimmed sunnies are so glamorous. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

If your outfit is more pared-back, inject some pizzaz with some bold shades. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker)

These pink-and-white shades are made even more interesting by the '60s-style shape.


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Red shades to match the red trousers. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

This full-white outfit stands out even more thanks to these red sunglasses. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker )

Match your sunglasses to your skirt. 


(Image credit: Style Stalker)

A yellow tint in the glasses is a good way to gentle nudge yourself into the trend. 

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Elinor Block