How to Store Bras (Without Damaging Them)

Whether you have room to spare or are hoping to make the most of limited wardrobe space, having an organized closet can be essential to a productive morning routine. Of course, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of a cluttered and tangled lingerie drawer. This system (or lack thereof) can make it difficult to find what you need. Knowing how to store bras properly won’t just keep your latest La Perla find in the best shape possible, but it will also maximize your space, regardless of how much you have. To bring order to your favorite intimates, here are the seven methods for storing bras.

1. Set Up a Drawer Organizer

Finding the perfect organizer can make storing your bras a much simpler task. We love SimpleHouseware’s cost-effective bra and underwear organizer ($14), which makes it easy to see and grab both pieces at a glance.

2. Use Shower-Curtain Rings

For this method, grab a box of shower-curtain rings and attach them to a single, sturdy closet hanger. Next, clip each shower curtain ring around the center of an individual bra. Avoid hanging bras by a single strap, as this can cause stretching and unevenness over time.

3. Line Them in Your Drawer

Take a page from Victoria’s Secret ’s playbook and line your bras in a row in your drawer. This is an especially good way to store your bras if you’re shy on space but like everything within reach.

4. Create a Bra Rack

Using a series of closet hangers (velveteen or fabric-covered tend to work best), link the hangers in a vertical chain on the back of your closet door. Next, hang one bra from each of the hangers (facing forward) to keep each piece visible and in shape.

5. Fold Sports Bras

Rather than toss your sports bras into a disorganized drawer or cubby, show your hardest-working lingerie some love by neatly rolling or folding each piece. These can then be stored in a simple drawer organizer.

6. Utilize a Molded-Bra Organizer

To extend the longevity of your bras while keeping them in perfect form, a dedicated item like The Container Store’s Boobie Trap Bra Organizer ($30) might be your best bet. This is one of the best ways to store bras if most of your collection is underwire or padded.

7. Imitate Your Favorite Lingerie Shop

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For those with space to spare, hanging your bras from individual hangers is a smart way to store your favorite intimates. Since lingerie items tend to take up minimal space, you might even consider using a separate cabinet with a horizontal bar inside to hang your favorite bras and underwear in sets.

Now that you know how to store bras, here are the bras you should pack for every trip, according to a lingerie expert.

This article was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.