The 9 Most Purged Items Fashion Girls Are Removing From Their Closets

’Tis the season for… cleaning out your closet? Actually, yes. To help offset the bank account drain that comes with holiday shopping, many fashion girls are selling the pieces they don’t want anymore. We were curious which pieces are being purged, so we turned to ThredUp, the world’s largest online thrift store, to see which styles they’re receiving the most. We’re talking brand-new, never-worn items that fashion girls just never ended up wearing, for one reason or another. Samantha Blumenthal, the marketing communications manager of ThredUp, adds, “We have millions of data points showing what women are purging from their closets, and the styles they’re swapping for.” From that data, we ranked the list of the items being removed from closets at rapid rates. Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see the single most purged item of the season. We were a bit surprised by the result, and you may be too!