The Bras You Should Pack for Every Trip, From a Lingerie Expert

Bras I pack on a trip: 8. Bras I actually wear on a trip: 2. When it comes to packing, why is it my undergarments are always the hurried afterthought? An overflow of bras ends up getting stuffed into a bag out of sudden fear I'll be missing the "perfect one" for every outfit and every occasion. Needless to say, most never end up seeing the light of a new city's day and I end up wearing the same two bras throughout the entire trip.

Determined to streamline my bra-packing habits and change my approach to bra-buying (read: quality and versatility over my obsession with accumulating lacy underthings), I tapped into Lyn Lewis, CEO of luxury lingerie brand Journelle, and Michelle Cordeiro Grant, founder of stylish everyday bra brand LIVELY, for some expert advice and tips on what kind of bras we should be packing and how many we need.

"I usually pack an average of two to three bras per trip–a T-shirt bra, a convertible strapless bra, and a bralette. Bras can be a difficult item to pack when you travel, as they tend to take up lots of space in your suitcase if packed improperly. You can also run the risk of ruining the shape of cups. My quick tip for packing is to stack your bras, and then stuff the cups with socks so that they keep their shape. And always place them toward the top of your suitcase," advises Lewis.

Cordeiro adds, "I need to get a run in to clear my head when I travel, so I always bring a sports bra. In addition, the fabric of a bra is super important for travel. Comfort is key wherever you go. Opt for soft, stretchy, and breathable fabrics that feel great against the skin. The last thing you want is to be adjusting or fidgeting with your bra during a flight."

Scroll below to see the three bras to pack on every trip.

T-shirt bra

"This bra is comfortable and highly functional. The plunge silhouette makes it perfect for any T-shirt, no matter how low the V-neck, and it's suitable for many women's bodies." — Lewis

convertible strapless bra

"This strapless stays put, and because it's convertible, it'll work with any dress or top. The lace adds a feminine touch to something that is often thought of only to be functional." — Lewis


"It's important to carry a bra that's comfortable, practical and convenient to pack. A wireless bra does the trick. Our Anais is simply lovely and has delicate all-over scalloped edges that make it easy to layer." — Lewis