Is It Possible to Go Braless at the Office? Fashion Girls Discuss


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When it comes to considering office-appropriate clothing, there is a lot of confusion. What is the appropriate skirt length to wear? Off-the-shoulder tops are on-trend, but are they okay to wear in a work setting? And to make matters more confusing, it often comes down to corporate culture; jeans and a T-shirt might work at one company, but another might require skirt suits at all times.

Lately, there has been a divisive matter circulating in the Who What Wear office: Is it okay to go braless at work? Some outfits just don’t work with a bra, but are those okay to wear to the office? Curious to find out where editors stand on this issue, we asked them to share their opinions.

Keep reading to find out how Who What Wear editors are weighing in on this tricky topic.

"I think it's okay as long as no one can tell. Some tops and dresses are thick or structured enough to keep everything tucked away, for me at least. These are also my secret weapon for going braless anywhere." — Nicole Akhtarzad, Market Editor

"So I don't necessarily support going braless at the office (personally, I'd never go braless), but if you can get away with it, why does anyone need to know? I mean, if you're wearing several layers and there's no way you can tell you're braless, then I say what's the big deal? If it's completely noticeable and nips are out, that's another story." — Michelle Scanga, Managing Editor

"I do it all the time, but it's all about subtlety. I try to avoid anything too tight or sheer if I'm going sans bra. For me, it's a more comfortable choice, but I don't want it to ever be too obvious." — Aemilia Madden, Editor

"I am definitely not a proponent of going braless at the office. Hillary Kerr once said if you have to wonder what kind of bra someone is wearing at all, it is probably not appropriate for the office, and I couldn't agree more. At work simply is not the time to test out the no-bra look." — Lauren Eggertsen, Associate Editor

"Unless you're wearing a thick oversize sweater, I say it's a no-go. Even then, I just wouldn't feel comfortable going braless in a professional work environment, regardless of it being noticeable or not." — Allyson Payer, Editor

"It's my opinion that bras shouldn't be visible at the office—exposed straps are a no-go in my book. And while I don't think it should be apparent that you're braless, it think it's fine as long as no one can tell." —Kristen Nichols, Associate Editor

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