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This is the time of year when fashion sites are basically overloaded with advice on how to improve your style game in the new year, and here's a little secret: Not all of it is going to help you. But here at Who What Wear, we've spent the better part of 2016 compiling fabulous wisdom from stylists, editors, and other people who work in the industry on little things you can easily do to dress better.

Without further ado, here are nine of the best pieces of advice we've come across over the past year. From folks like Cher Coulter and Chriselle Lim, these are true insider tips that will help you be the best sartorial version of yourself in 2017.

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How to put together an ace outfit, even when you're running late



Check out our story on expert outfit ideas straight from celebrity stylists.

Our favorite quote from the bunch: "[Put on] either a pair of high-waisted cropped jeans with heels and a great button-down shirt pushed back off the shoulders (Vetements style), or a fun dress with some kind of belt and flat shoes/sneakers." — Cher Coulter, stylist

How to source shoes on sale, and never pay full price


Collage Vintage 

Check out our story on how to shop the best shoe sales.

Our favorite quote from the bunchBarneys Warehouse, the internet's version of Barneys New York's wildly popular seasonal brick-and-mortar warehouse sales, is where to find all of the cool brands that the department store stocks but at substantially lower prices, given that they're from past seasons. We regularly spot a plethora of Saint Laurent, Chloé, Proenza Schouler, and the department store's own in-house line (which is quite strong). 

How to pack smarter, so you look amazing on all your trips


Fashion Me Now

Check out our story on how to hack packing so all your trips are stress-free.

Our favorite quote from the bunch: "My biggest packing mistake is not bringing a carry-on suitcase and trying to stuff my large tote instead. I always end up regretting it in the end because it's a pain to carry your heavy purse around the airport, and it's always a good idea to have an extra empty suitcase that you can bring stuff back in."

How to use color strategically to make you look younger


Sandra Semburg

Check out our story on the best color combinations to make you look more youthful.

Our favorite quote from the bunch: "With each year, hair and skin tone changes subtly and at some point those same colors are no longer as flattering as they once were. To keep your older and wiser self glowing, your colors need to complement how you look right now."

How to make your skinny jeans feel fresh (again)



Check out our story on the most stylish skinny jean–and-shoe combination.

Our favorite advice from the bunch: Just like you, dear readers, celebrities love wearing skinny jeans with flat shoes. Fashion girls like Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung, and Miranda Kerr wear this comfy, classic combination for occasions both casual and dressy, and they switch up the types of flat shoes they wear with their skinnies accordingly.

How to finally master tying your scarf


Collage Vintage

Check out our story on creative ways to tie your scarf.

Our favorite bit of advice from the bunch: It helps to not only update your wardrobe with a new scarf each cold-weather season but also to have some scarf styling tricks up your sleeve. Whether it's tying a silky style on your handbag, knotting it in an interesting way, or unexpectedly using one as a belt, there are endless ways to make a scarf feel exciting.

How to look stylish (and stay comfortable) at the airport


Getty Images

Check out our story for celeb-inspired airport outfit ideas.

Our favorite advice from the bunch: Dress in all one color (black is a fail-safe go-to), cover up with a statement jacket, and, if you feel so inclined, sport coordinating athleisure.

How to stop ruining your clothes


Collage Vintage

Check out our story on tips and tricks every woman should know to care for her clothes.

Our favorite advice of the bunch: If the label of your garment says "dry clean" instead of "dry clean only," you can probably hand-wash it at home and skip the send-out process altogether.

How to purge your closet (it's all about the 50-50 method)

Check out our story about the 50/50 method of purging your closet.

Our favorite piece of advice from the bunch: I tasked myself with figuring out how to purge yet still feel confident about my wardrobe offering. I devised my own system: the 50-50 method. After spending days going through my wardrobe piece by piece, I quickly realized that I really only ever needed 50% of what I was hoarding in my tiny apartment—the items that I really truly wore and loved.

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