How Often Should You Really Wash Your Jeans?



When it comes to caring for your denim, you probably fall into one of two camps: You’re either all for rinse, cycle, and repeat, or against washing in general. Whichever camp you’re part of, we thought it’d be helpful to find out when—and when not to—wash the wardrobe essential, so we took our questions straight to J Brand's former head of design, Mary Bruno. The denim guru spilled her insider tips on how to properly preserve the lifespan of jeans, explaining how often you should really wash your jeans.

Keep reading to see if you’re overwashing your denim.

WHO WHAT WEAR: Is it a must to wash a new pair of jeans?

MARY BRUNO: Absolutely not. Almost all jeans have been washed as part of the fit process. If you are buying rigid or raw jeans, wearing them in from a rigid state is the best way to get them to form to your body.

WWW: So how often should you really wash your jeans?

MB: Most jeans stretch and have such great extension that it's no longer necessary to wash your jeans to get them to shrink back up again. Don't wash them every time you wear them. There are optical brighteners in most laundry detergents, which will change the color of your jeans too quickly. I think it's best to wash them every four or five times.

WWW: What’s your number-one rule when it comes to taking care of denim?

MB: Don’t wash them too often.

WWW: What are your tips for washing different colors or fabrics of denim?

MB: It’s always best to wash them in cold water. It helps retain the dyes in the denim for longer periods of time.

WWW: Any tips to keep your jeans fresh between washes?

MB: Hang your jeans and let them air out between wearing. Letting your jeans form to your body as you continue to wear them is the best way to create your own individual wear pattern.

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